There are nine members of the original Wu Tang but i think its only appropriate to start with O.D.B.
Russell Jones better known as the O.D.B first appeared in the rap game in the early 90's as a member of a group called All in Together Now along with GZA the Genius and RZA the group started in NY, City. RZA and O.D.B came up with the name for the group. The group was named after the movie, "Shaolin and Wu Tang." Wu Tang first became well known in 1993 when they released their first single called "Protect Ya Neck." They had a hard time finding someone to sign them but Loud/RCA finally did relases the album for them. They continuted to release a lot of albums.

ALBUMS: Some of Wu Tang Gang's most famous albums are Wu-Tang Forever and Diversity, Iron Flag, and the New Millenium.

The group began to fight and U-God left the group because he was mad at RZA. He said RZA hindered his success as a solo artist. He began his own group and called it the Hillside Scramblers. He released his first album in March 2004. O.D.B was known through his career as being wild and known for his criminal behavior. He didn't show up for court, assault, shoflifting, body armor, and possession of cocaine. ODB went to rehab but escaped rehab and was a fugitive for one month. He finally showed up on stage at the record release party for The W in New York City. He left the party, but was captured by police and faced with possession or cocaine. He was sentenced to jail for 2-4 years, was then released, and signed a one mnillion dollar contract with Roc-a-Fella Records.
ODB was supposed to perform with the rest of the Wu Tang at the Webster Concert Hall. Later that night, he died. He was going to be 36 in 2 days. O.D.B was reported having chest pains at Wu Tangs own recording studio on west 34th street when he colapsed, EMS was not able to ressesitate him athow he was said to be drug free