Shaping Modern America Final Project- Mr. Phillips

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Create a Wiki Page and Present it to the Class

Project Due Date: Wednesday May 30, 2012
60 Points Possible

Getting Started

  1. Choose Partner if desired (Be Careful, Choose Wisely, Your Project Requirements Double)
  2. Begin looking through library resource websites
  3. Choose Topic
  4. Create and share google document with Mr. Phillips and your partner. Use this doc to take notes.
  5. Join this class wiki and add a page for yourself. Title it with your topic. Write your names on the page
  6. Start putting your research together.

What needs to be included on your wiki?

- Background and Overview (1 paragraph)
- Who, What, Where, When, Why, How (1 paragraph each for 3 of these questions)
- Miscellaneous Information if needed (Bullet Points or paragraphs)
- Pictures (4)
- Youtube Video or a video you created (1)
*What was the impact of your topic on American society? (1 Paragraph of at least 6 sentences)
*Citations on Noodlebib pasted onto the bottom of your wiki (4)

Important Dates:
1. End of class Wednesday 5/23 – Partner and Topic are chosen. Google doc is shared.
2. End of class Thursday 5/24 – Wiki Page is Created with Title and student names.
3. End of class Friday 5/25 - Google doc has enough notes to meet requirements in F, including all of your citations.
4. End of class Tuesday 5/29 – Wiki Page is halfway completed.
5. Beginning of class Wednesday 5/30 – Assignment is due, presentations begin