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Background and Overview
run dmc started the style and sounds of hip hop and rap music run dmc were the first rap group to have full fledged albums.Run DMC was an American hip hop group from Hollis, Queens, New York started by Russell Simmons CEO of Def jam Records.Every one in the group grew up in New York but were long time friends and that's how they became who they are today. This group was around in the 1980's to the early 2000's. They have worked with many people from Kid Rock to salt and pepper to Aerosmith. They were mainly focused on hip hop and rap music.They were and shaped many of our modern day artists and groups.


Run DMC is an American Hip Hop group that came about in 1981.They were the most famous hip hop group of their time in the 1980's.They created many of our greatest hits today such as "Walk This Way", "Tricky", And "My Adidas" The group consists of three African American men from Queens, New York named Joseph "Run" Simmons, Darryl "DMC" McDaniel, And Jason " Jam Master Jay" Mizell.


Legendary American Hip Hop group that came along in the year of 1981 by Joseph Simmons brother Russell Simmons. They were very influential to others in the rap/Hip Hop game. They also traveled alot and did concerts every from New York to Los Angeles.They were also one of many Hip Hop groups to be Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. The group started in 1981, It all started when Russell Simmons became CEO of Def Jam Records and he suggested to his brother Joseph Simmons that he start a hip hop group and name it after himself. Then Run, Darryl, And Jam Master Jay came together and started a group called Run DMC which rapidly struck attention everywhere and soon were a hit everywhere around the world.


Joseph and Russell Simmons both grew up in Hollis, Queens, New York as brothers. They met Darryl and Jason later on in their life. Jason Jam master jay Mizell grew up in Brooklyn, New York, He was a Multi-Instrumentalist by the age of 3, he began playing trumpets, guitars, he played bass, and the drums well before he discovered his love for the turntables. It wasn't until he moved to Hollis, Queens at the age of 13 and started experimenting with turntables and DJing at small spots.He met Joseph Simmons a while after he graduated from high school. Darryl DMC McDaniel's Grew up in the heart on New York as an adopted child and attended a Catholic school in New York. McDaniel began his love of hip hop from listening to Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five. He later then taught himself to DJ in his basement of his home from some old turntables that his older brother had given him. He had already knew Run at the time because they had been friends fro a while. Gradually McDaniel moved closer to rapping and farther from DJing and soon Run ask him to be in a group with him and Darryl.

Impact on American Society
Run DMC impacted the world by doing something no hip hop group had ever done, they inspired and rose to the top by having Gold, Platinum, And Multi Platinum albums. There music was heard all over the world from the US to the UK. They inspired many other hip hop groups to get to the top also.Run DMC were the first hip hop/rap group to be played on MTV and they were the first to be on the cover of Rolling Stone and also the first to appear on on American Bandstand.Run DMC inspired many people such as Ice-T, Eminem, and 50 Cent, just as well as they were inspired by many people such as Grandmaster Flash and Africa Bambaataa and Melle Mel.


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