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Nike was created and founded in 1962 in Eugene Oregon by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight head track coaches of the Oregon Ducks. There brand name was first Blue Ribbon sports but they soon changed it to Nike. Nike was one of the first brands to make special shoes and accessories for Athletes. From the early 1990 to present day Nike has changed the way sports were intended to be and made sports more than a game and changed it into a lifestyle!

Nike came out with the trademark logo in 1971. Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight bought this logo for 35 dollars cash. “The Swoosh”. The Swoosh idea was created by a young female named Carolin Davidson and is meant to represent the winged Greek goddess of victory.

Nike is a company that sells everything from Athletic sports wear such as shoes and shirts to athletic accessories such as bags. Nike is one of if not the biggest athletic company in America today. Nike is symbolized by the trademark swoosh logo or the trademark phrase "Just Do It." You see nike all over sports and now just on the streets as a style.

Nike was created by two men by the name of Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight. Bowerman was a track and field coach at the University of Oregon and was always on the prowl for a show that would help his runners run faster. Knight was a business man who had been on Bowerman's team in college. They teamed up in 1962 to start experimenting with their own designs that would one day change the America and the World.

In 1971 Nike came out with the trademark "Swoosh Logo." Caroline Davidson designed and created this idea. Knight asked Caroline to come up with a logo that could go on the side of the shoe. When she gave him the logo he gave her 35 dollars.
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In 1978 nike signed John Mcenroe. John Mcenroe was a famous tennis player and Nike's first signed athelte. In 1984 Nike signed one of their biggest athletes ever Michael Jordan. Michael jordans shoes has helped nike tremmendously and changed the style of shoes today. Nike has some of the biggest athletes signed today such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and Adrian Peterson.

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Nike has influenced every sport in America. In every sport that you see on tv will probably have Nike in it. This is why Nike is so big because it has created a shoe or some type of athletic clothing for every sport. Without Nike in sports I do not think they would be where they are at today. The technology has brought the game to a whole other level. They have made athletes run faster and jump higher. Maybe not by that much but one more faster step and a game can be one.
Nike changed society in many ways. The biggest impact it had on society was that it made sports into a lifestyle and more than a game. It also changed the way fashion was intended to be . Nike changed the way people would view athletic clothing because now people don’t just wear nike for just sports but to have style. Throughout the years nike has changed fashion time and time again. From wearing basketball shoes to walk around in and to the flashiest shoes the world has seen. Nike will forever be a trending topic.

Nike took sports to the next level. The new designs/technology in shoes and clothing allowed athletes to jump higher, run faster and move quicker. Without nike who knows wear sports would be today. Nike has inspired many young athletes to play sports and fulfill their sports dreams. Nike will forever be in sports.

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