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Background and Overview

Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, on August 29,1958. He started his career at the age of six, when he joined his family’s singing group, the Jackson 6. The Jackson 5 was one of the most successful Afrian Ameican pop vocal groups to come out of the Motown era. Michael had 5 brothers and 2 sisters. In his later years he had many accomplishments in his music. His accomplishments was often overshadowed by personal scandals and outstanding album sales. Unfortantly michael.jpgMichael died June 25, 2009

Important dates in Michael Jackson’s life

August 1962 : he sung his first debut with his brothers
March 1969: the first jackson five concert with Tamla Motown Detroit’s black owned rcord label.
His voice helped the group get to hit songs (ABC and I’ll Be There)
1970: lauch off his solo career While still working with the Jackson Five
August 1979: release the album Wall and sold over 11 million copies
December 1982: Release his album Thriller which included Billie Jean and beat it, it pushed sales to 50 million copies worldwide.
1984:Jackson’s face gets burnt during filming for a pepsi ad
1985:Jackso writes the song We Are The World, which benefited the fight against hunger in africa.
1987:Released the album Bad,which sold 26 million copies
1988:His autobiography oonwalk comes out.
1990: Michael is seen for the firsttime wearing his surgical mas in public
1992:Released his album Dangerous, which sold million copies
August 1993: a father accused Michael of molesting his 13-year-old son but founds out he didnt do it in court.
May 1994-February 1996: married To Lisa MArie Presley, daughter of Elvis
June 1995: release of HIStoy album
November 1996-October 1999: Married Debbie Rowe, a 37-year-old nurse
February 3: In a documentary Living with Michael broadcast on ITV, Michael claims never to have abused a hildmichael_jackson_2.jpg
February: the singers manger brings a 13 million lawsuit of black slavey
November 18: the police raids Michael’s Neverland ranch in California
November 19: warrant issued for Michael’s arrest on several counts of child molestation
November 20: Michael is arrested and handcuffed after surrendering to the police, held briefly then released on bail.
December 18: Michael is formally charged with child molestation
January 16, 2004: Jackson pleads not guilty during his first appearance in media circus.
January 31, 2005: Michael trial begins with jury selection
February 28, 2005: opening arguments begin in trial
June 4,2005 jury begins considering their verdict
June 13,2005: Michael acquitted on all charges against him
March 5, 2009: MIchael Announces series of comeback concerts in London this was known as the “final curtain” His first Major show for more then a decade

Michaels Impact on America
Micheal Jackson was the king of pop and he was known for some postive and negitive things but Michael had a very big impact on American society with his music. His hit song "We Are The World" in 1985 was so big that he took that money from that album and went to go help the starvation in africa. Michael had a good heart for kids he always help when he can. Micheal impacted many ppls lives Just by his music.He was always donatting his money. He started many different organizations because of some of the thins that happend to him. For example In 1986, he set up the "Michael Jackson United
Negro College Fund Endowed Scholarship Fund"

When:June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson was found dead in his house in Los Angeles. He died because
of a cardiac arrest.
Why: Michael jackson had a hard life growning up. He felt like his dad (Joseph Jackson ) really didnt love him. His father always pushed him and made him work hard. Joseph Never really showed how much he care and he never showed any love to Michael or to any of his other childeren.Michael also had racial probelms he didn't like the color of his skin because he thought thought white people where better and that life would be much easier. Michael's dad once again really didn't show that he cared he was going throught this problem. Perhaps this is why Michael who had some much potential as an artist ended up making so many tragic decisions in his life. At the same time, maybe his life disappointments helped him to write such powerful songs.

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Who: Michael Jackson was a "Thriller", who could not "Stop Till He Got Enough". He wanted to "Heal the Word" but he needed someone to "Hold His Hand". He was always looking at "The Man in Mirror" and though he said it did not matter if he was "Black or White", sometimes he must have felt like a "Monster". Some thought he was a "Smooth Criminal" but he said, "The Kid is not my Son" (Billie Jean). He died "Much Too Soon."

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