Background and Overview

Madona was a pop icon in the 1980's. She changed fashion and music in the 1980's. Madonna brought back rosaries and made them fashionable and they are still being worn today as a fashion statement. The way Madonna dressed provoked many people and so did her music. Madonna made belly buttons hip and her "boy toy" belt became iconic. The reason why Madonna's music was so provocative is because feminists thought she pushed back their movement with songs such as "Material Girl".


Madonna was born August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan. Also Madonna's full name isn't Madonna, its Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. When Madonna was growing up she sadly lost her mother, but that didn't stop her from becoming famous. Many of her fellow students, teachers and family members said she was born to be a star. Madonna got her big break in the 1980's when her first ablum was released called "Madonna". The songs included;
  • Lucky Star
  • Borderline
  • Burning Up
  • I Know It
  • Holiday
  • Think of Me
  • Physical Attraction
  • Everybody

The reason why so obsessed over her is because no one had ever seen someone break the rules. She showed her belly button to the world and people were shocked. Her music was racey and chaged pop culture. Some examples are "Papa Don't Preach" and "Material Girl". "Papa Don't Preach" is about a girl getting pregnant and her telling her father. "Material Girl" is about a girl being satisfied by guys just buying expensive things. Many adults were upset about how Madonna influenced pre-teens and teens but that wouldn't stop Madonna from pushing the limits.


Madonna influneced many people through fashion and music. She made baggy clothes fashionable, skirts and tops short, she put crosses on her ears and necks. She pushed the limits with her lyrics and song titles. But, pushing through the limits payed off in the end. She made it possible for women to freely 'express themselves'. Also, made pop music hotter than ever and she was one of the first to make music videos.

Impact on American Society
Throughout this presentation I've have been saying how Madonna changed America and what were the results of her changing the country. Madonna changed fashion and music. Being one of the first to have a music video is a huge deal. Madonna inspired teenage girls to express themselves no matter what people say. It is safe to say Madonna is a fantastic role model and her music will stay alive forever.