Background-The making of MTV has changed numerous peoples lives through the years. From the time MTV first came out for public access (which was in 1982) people began to relate and fall in love with the idea. MTV broadcast the lives of different music artist and the latest fashion tips and trends. Nickelodeon was the first channel to broadcast MTV. Pop Clips was the first big hit that MTV had made open to the public. As the creation of MTV began to spread so did the fans. The variety of music became a bigger aspect to find more about and MTV was that place you could see music videos and the inside lives of a famous celebrity.

When-MTV instantly became a worldwide hit in the early 90s. The most important time period for MTV was after WWII. By having MTV on the air at this time it gave people a sense of calmness and the youth a way to escape in a way. Through the 90s a lot of major things were happening on MTV. Such as, Dick Clark's dance show appeared live for the public to watch and to be entertained. Then the Beatles, and similar rock bands began to have different appearances on MTV to sing and give the world music and entertainment. Then Michael Jackson's new music videos became instant hits on MTV by playing them for the world to see. By the early 1990s new shows started to emerge such as The Real World, Beavis and Butthead and Singled Out. Also in the 1990s MTV was able to reach fifty million homes through the U.S. The biggest pop stars started their major breakout carriers on MTV. The 1990s was one of the biggest pop eras of our time and was a way for MTV to broadcast music videos and inside looks into the pop era.


Who-The influential music eras were a great help in the production of MTV. Many artists and rock bands got their biggest hits out to the public through their collaboration of MTV. types of music were shown on MTV. Michael Jackson, Madonna and other huge pop stars quickly became idols to many. Thriller, Michael Jackson's music video that was first shown on MTV was among the most famous of all music videos still topping the charts today. Also Whitney Houston, Prince and Bruce Springsteen were some of the most talented people who performed on MTV and whose music videos struck the nation. As MTV blossomed many peoples carriers it also gave people a chance to get an inside look into the lives of these famous singer songwriters of their times and that is still true today.

How- MTV started by Robert Pittman a young twenty-six year old who was a famous radio personal and known by many. He came up with this idea. Pittman was able to get deals with Madonna and other big names to be on his new cable channel MTV. MTV was started to have the American people be more closely related to music and the pop culture world. The idea for MTV came from seeing children marching through the streets dressed in different costumes singing all together. MTV was a collaboration of Robert Pittmans inspiration along with Nickelodeon who first aired MTV’s first show.

MTV's influence on America- MTV's influence on America has been worldwide. Through the time it started in the early 1980s to the present day. The pop sensations that have been on MTV are too many to name. Interviews, music videos and different reality shows have all appeared on MTV and have changed peoples lives drastically. Through MTV many carriers started and began to blossom and viewers upon viewers were changed by the different things that had appeared on MTV through the years. America has been changed through this channel and many peoples lives have been flipped upside down due to the different interviews and TV shows that gave young people inspiration. MTV has spread like wild fire across the U.S. and had a major influence on America.

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