Darrie Roddy

index.jpeg Background info/: Hip Hop began in Bronx, New York City in the 1980's. Hip Hop is also called "Rap Music". Hip Hop music is among American Africans. The roots of Hip Hop music was found in Africans Americans and West Africans.

What: Hip Hop is a type of music and also they have Hip Hop dancing. An urban youth culture associated with rap music and the fashion of African-American residents of the inner city.

Who: Olive Campbell also know as Kool Herc Dj Kool Herc is a Jamaican- Born Dj who was the founding father of Hip Hop Music in Bronx.New York City. The founding father deliver history in the core of popularmusic as it played out into the streets. Also in the parks and nightclub late 1980s.
Where: Bronx, New York

Why: We needed this to calm things down. Things were crazy then. These folks had buildings on fire all over the bronx and whatnot. The civil rights movement just came to screeching halt. & different types of gangs were poppin up all over the place So we needed a voice of reasoning & entertainment.

How: Hip Hop was not just created by one person. He was just the founding father of Hip Hop. There are many people. For Exmaple, there was Run DMC, Kris Koss, Salt & Papa back in the 1980. Now in the 2012, we have Jay-z, Drake, Lil Wayne, and ect.

Impact: Hip Hop helped people express how they felt during hard times. Also it gave people a voice that they didn't have the power to express to other people. Lastly,it helped people though there hard times and gave people someone to relate to.