Bill Clinton (Impeachment)

Maya Dixon
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William Jefferson Clinton (Impeachment)
1995- 1999

clintonimpeach.jpgBackground and Overview- William Jefferson Clinton was impeached by the house of representatives on two charges; the first being perjury and the second being obstruction of justice. He was also accused of another perjury charge and a charge of abuse of power. However, both of the later charges failed in the House. Although, the American people had plainly sent a message against impeachment, the House passed 2 of the 4 articles of impeachment approved by the Hyde committee. None of the democratic senators voted for conviction. It was Clinton's belief that this was all about power and bad politics. "Although the pro- impeachment forces were said to have had prayer meetings in De Lay's office to seek God'sfor their divine mission, the impeachment drive was funamentally neither about morality nor the rile of law, but about power," said Clinton.

bill-clinton-family-1.jpgWho- Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was a global leader. He decided at an early age that he would devote his intellect, political gifts, and hard work to serving the public. He made his journey from Hope, Arkansas to the White House. From intern for Senator William Fulbright, to Congress, to Attorney General, then Govenor, Clinton's journey was quite unique. Clinton was determined to improve the lives of his fellow citizens. However, this would not be an easy journey for Clinton. His life in politics would be just as troublesome as his childhood. Regardless of how tough things were, Clinton never gave up on his ultimate goal of serving the people.
When- In 1998, Clinton's Presidency took a turn for the worse. It was a turn that caused personal humiliation and disgrace. It was during this time that the darkest part of his innerself was in full view. He was accused of a pattern of sexual harasment that stemmed from his term as Governor, to a sexual relationship with a young intern while President. It was during this time that his hidden secrets would be on display for all of the world to see. During an era of turn around for the American people will the so called sins of President Clinton cause him to lose support from those he took an oath to help.
What-The talk of impeachment of President Clinton became the subject of both parties. The decision about Clinton's future was in the hands of the House of Representatives. According to Clinton, " Several Republican senators were upset with the House Republicans for putting them through the trial, but whenever the the right wing turned the pressure up, most of them backed down and went along with dragging the whole thing out". But on February 12th the impeachment motions failed. The vote on the obstruction of justice charge failed by 17 votes. It was at this time President Clinton was profoundly sorry about the events that had triggered a great burden on the American people. "In your heart sir, can you forgive and forget?" That was the question. Clinton replied, " I believe any person who asks for forgiveness has to be prepared to give it."

300px-Senate_in_session.jpgThe Impact on American Society- The Republicans tried to justify their actions to the American people. They thought that if they trashed Clinton long enough, the press and the public would eventually blame Clinton for their bad behavoir, as well as his own. According to Clinton, "They badly wanted to brand me with a big I" and believed that for the rest of my life and for some time thereafter, the fact of my impeachment would loom far larger than the circumstances of it, and that before long no one would even talk about what a hypocritical force the whole process had been". For the most part, the American people loved Clinton. They certainly believed that Clinton had done a great job and that he should continue to concentrate on doing his job instead of defending himself against those who were out to get him. "My best Christmas presents that year were the expressions of kindness and support from ordinary citizens." He cherished the support of a 13 year old girl from Kentucky who wrote, "Tell the President not to quit because your opponents are mean". And according to an 87 year old man from New Jersey, "I was around when the Republicans tried to destroy Al Smith (presidential nominee of 1928) for being Catholic".

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