1980s Fashion

Monique Biggers

Mr. Philips
May 31, 2012



The 1980 was all about big. Big hair, big accessories and even big shoulders. The 80s brought punk and classy together using the power glitz and glam, the more glitter and shine the better! Movies, TV and movies all influenced the people of this time. No matter what time of day people always looked camera ready and many trends seen in that decade have reoccured over the last few decades.

  • One look that constantly kept coming back was the wide shoulder. in the 80s most people had a tailored look, and most always wore a jacket just to complete their looks. Most people would just prefer a suit.


  • Women start wearing costume jewelry like big gold earrings from the sixties, but as the decade went along the earrings got bigger and bigger. " Diamante jewelery and pearls were worn day and evening without embarrassment." Gilt buttons that were the size of earrings that were the finishing touch on suits.

  • Patterned tights returned in the 1980s, but they were "spotted or delicately textured lace, striped or enhanced with embellishment such as a flock flower, embroidery or diamante at the ankle." Colored tights, opaque or sheer also showed up and were usually matched with shoes or jackets." Legwarmers also were a big fad back in the 80s they weren't always used for their intent but they looked pretty great matched or not.


  • Metallic and neutrals mixed with different color schemes came back in 2003/4 and was a huge fashion color trend by 2007.

Other Fads

  • Hammer pants, a fashion staple of M.C. Hammer
  • Mini skirts, The shorter the better!
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Over sized sweaters, jackets, shirts Ect.
  • Wild Make up
  • Floods, Pants that ended before your ankles did :)

Stores/ Brands that made a come up

  • Banana Republic (1987)
  • Ray Bands (Made famous by Tom Cruise in the movie ‘Risky Business’.)

  • Top Siders

  • Levis (Tight and in different colors)

  • Converses/ Chuck Tailors

  • Keds


Fashion Icons had a big impact on the way people dressed in this time period. People got ideas from movies, TV, and even music. Madonna, a music rebel, brought sex appeal to american teenagers and opened up a whole new chapter in fashion. LL Cool J and Salt and Pepper helped influence the African American and Latino View of fashion. Just like Madonna they went bold! Big chains, colorful clothing and lots of other trends like; basket ball caps, Chuck Tailors, Starter Jackets, and many more.


LL Cool J

Salt and Pepper

Michael Jackson


See much change? Not really, most of the fashions from the 1980s are still being worn today!


Big Hair

Mini Skirts

Many of the looks shown here are still around today. this time period has influenced todays look in more ways than imagnable. Next time you look

at you parents pictures and think " OH EMM GEE what were they wearing?" take a look down and see what your wearing and ask yourself the same question. Just like history repeats its self... So does fashion.


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